Promoting recruitment through personal storytelling

Parramatta Mission is an established community based service provider. They provide meals, accommodation and mental health services across Greater Western Sydney, with almost 500 staff and many volunteers delivering more than 70 diverse services. They pride themselves on providing assistance to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities to assist them in transforming their lives. These include people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, facing crisis and people living with mental illness.

In the loupe spent the day interviewing staff at Parramatta Mission to develop a series of videos to promote recruitment. The team wanted to showcase the impact that their roles have on people’s lives and the greater community through these videos, in order to attract quality candidates in a high turnover industry.

While the video series’ initial intention was to promote recruitment, the end result is a much more powerful suite of videos which showcases the diversity of its staff and volunteers, and speaks directly to the important work and high level of passion in the organisation. These videos will ultimately serve to elevate their brand, build internal culture and foster pride in the work that they do.

In this video, we hear from some of the charismatic, diverse and passionate characters that make up their volunteer workforce.

Client: Parramatta Mission
Date: October 2019