Emma's Story

Blooms The Chemist’s ‘Our People, Our Community’ social media campaign has presented a fantastic opportunity to highlight their many amazing employees, customers and communities through engaging online stories. One of the main aims of this campaign has been to capture the essence of what it means to live in and be a valued and contributing member of your community.

In late 2019 we visited the town of Orange, Regional NSW to meet Blooms employee Emma and her mum Anne-Marie. Emma and Anne-Marie truly embodied the spirit of this campaign. The strength of their mother – daughter relationship and authentic connection was tangible and we instantly knew we needed to centre the story around this bond. We hope the end product is a moving story about living your best life, what it means to be a mum, and overcoming whatever challenges that lay in your path to go after your goals.

The full video launched via the Blooms The Chemist Facebook page and has promoted an organic engagement strategy with a positive reaction through shares and comments in the Orange local community, Emma and Anne-Marie’s family and friends and the wider network of Blooms’ pharmacies and customers.

Client: Blooms The Chemist
Date: March 2020