Showcasing a state of the art pharmaceutical warehouse in Western Sydney

Sigma Healthcare is committed to ensuring affordable, reliable and timely access to quality medicines Australia wide. In partnership with warehouse automation consultants Fuzzy LogX, In the loupe got to spend the day in Sigma Healthcare’s new state of the art warehouse.

In the loupe donned their best hi-vis to film in the new and improved facility, in order to showcase the millions of dollars that have been invested into warehouse automation and improvements.

We flew our drones through the 40,000 square meter site and saw some absolutely state of the art warehouse automation, including robot arms and autonomous processes

Sigma Healthcare specialise in pharmacy warehousing and distribution, and can tailor a solution to each pharmacy’s needs in product, marketing, training and development and other related services. Sigma supports independent pharmacies to achieve their business goals.

The Fuzzy LogX team provide project management and consulting services, leading-edge data analytics, concept design & validation, solution/software tendering, implementation and solution validation services to businesses.

Client: Sigma Healthcare
Date: December 2019