A short film about having to '' to live as a refugee in Australia

My Life My Art was a program of mini documentaries examining an aspect of the lives of extraordinary artists and individuals living and working in Western Sydney. While short in duration, the films tackle big issues of life, identity and creativity.

‘’ synopsis

Majid Rabet uses innovation, invention and art as his therapy and a way of overcoming the trauma suffered as a refugee. Majid has had to redefine his connections and recalibrate his mind to the Australian culture. Majid’s philosophy is to re-use, up-cycle and reinvent the most common and benign household trash and electronics we discard to the streets. This film explores Majid’s journey from his time in detention and the rudimentary tools and works he imagined, to his current studio and works that ‘choose him’, and help to shape and communicate his outlook on his new way of life.

In the loupe was commissioned by Information & Cultural Exchange to direct and produce this short film about Majid Rabet, his journey and innovative approach to his artwork. My Life My Art was funded through Screen NSW, Arts NSW, NSW Government & Sydney City of Film. is an Official Selection for ‘The Other Film Festival’ screening in Melbourne from 22-24th Nov 2018.

Client: Information & Cultural Exchange
Date: Dec 2016