People come and go in our lives. Some leave more of a mark than others.

This is Andy’s story about mateship, playing electric wheelchair football for his country and generally just being a bad ass.

After recently losing one of his closest mates (Peter Dalrymple) to a rare genetic condition, Australian Powerchair Footballer Andy decided to commemorate his special bond and mateship with a tattoo.

Andy Waite’s story was captured through a short documentary film titled ‘Oinked’ that has been selected as one of fourteen finalists for the Made in the West Film Festival 2018. This annual Western Sydney focused short film festival attracted fifty entries from emerging and established Western Sydney filmmakers.

Andy shares his unique perspectives on mateship, the honour of playing Powerchair football for Australia and the coping mechanisms he and his close circle of mates employ on a daily basis when facing challenges associated with their wellbeing and disabilities.

Andy said “I was amazed that my film ‘Oinked’ has made it into the finals for the ‘Made in the West Film Festival’ 2018. I didn’t expect this to happen so this is a wonderful honour of a great mate and Australian Wheelchair footballer legend.”

Client: Andy Waite
Date: September 2018