Celebrating our first nations' culture through storytelling, dance and bush tucker

In the loupe filmed the Whales of the Gweagal event held by the Sutherland Shire Council. The event celebrated the local indigenous culture, while commemorating the installation of a plaque telling a traditional indigenous story about connection to the whales.

The “Whales of the Gweagal” story was originally written by Aunt Deanna Schreiber, Chair of Kurranulla Aboriginal Corporation and member of Council’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee.

The event featured a range of activities such as a taste of traditional bush tucker, dance, storytelling and a tree canoe.

Dean Kelly, Aboriginal Community & Cultural Leader said: “In my culture, we don’t have an end, we have eternal life. Grandfather sun, grandmother moon, father sky, mother earth, are all elements of country and they are teaching us how to live, just like the whale.”

We are privileged to be asked back by the council to cover an event of such cultural significance to the local community, while celebrating Aboriginal culture.

Client: Sutherland Shire Council
Date: October 2019